Why Do You Need an Advanced Cancer Plan?

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Why Do You Need an Advanced Cancer Plan?

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One out of every three people in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. The five-year survival rate for all cancers diagnosed between 1996 and 2004 is 66%. It is not something that we want to think about, but the question still exists; what if we or a loved one is diagnosed with cancer or serious disease? If your answer is, “I have health insurance,” you might want to think again. According to the American Cancer Society, your traditional medical coverage may be good, but it will only cover about 34% of the costs associated with cancer. At Christian Care 360, we offer the only full treatment cancer plan available in the United States. It can help you access treatment options that are not available under most health insurance plans, as well as, provide the funds you need for prescription drugs, medical expenses, living and travel expenses, and more.

While traditional health insurance policies protect you from accidents and illnesses, it is our unique advanced cancer and dread disease plan that is designed to do much of the heavy lifting in a major cancer battle.

What Makes Our Plan Different?

One of the main components that make this plan different from traditional health insurance plans is that it covers a wider range of treatment options. For example, under most health insurance plans, only traditional treatments, are covered—surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy—but ours covers much more advanced forms of treatment options. More advanced treatment options can be vital in a major cancer battle. Our advanced cancer and dread disease plan give our insureds access to the latest technologies like immunotherapy, tele-radiotherapy, radioactive isotopes therapy, and chemotherapy enhancer drugs.

Immediate Access to State of the Art Facilities

If you are diagnosed, the patient needs immediate access to state of the art treatment options and facilities. Cancer is a lump sum word that describes over 1,000 various diseases and illnesses which in turn demand an even larger number of specialty medical professionals trained in the diagnosis and treatment with a myriad of approaches to dealing with those specific diagnoses. Having immediate access to the professionals, drugs, and procedures is a key indicator of successful recovery.

What Are These Other Treatments?

Doctors and researchers are constantly searching for new and improved ways to help people fight cancer, unfortunately, most health insurance plans won’t cover them. Some of the treatment options our plan provides access to:

Immunotherapy– Immunotherapy is a form of cancer therapy that uses your immune system to battle cancer. It can help your immune system work harder to fight off cancer cells or it can give your immune system manmade immune system proteins, which can aid in your battle against cancer.

Tele-radiotherapy– Tele-radiotherapy uses ionizing radiation from an x-ray to ward off cancer cells within the body, essentially helping you fight cancer.

Radioactive Isotopes Therapy– During this procedure, doctors use a radioisotope or a radionuclide to send x-rays directly into cancer cells. This can be administered via a capsule, injection to a vein, or drink.

Chemotherapy Enhancer Drugs– Chemotherapy enhancer drugs can be taken during chemotherapy to enhance the procedure’s effectiveness in fighting cancer.

What Else is Covered?

With our advanced cancer and dread disease plan, you can guarantee that you and your loved ones will have access to the best medical treatments for cancer and 26 other major diseases. Another unique aspect of our plan is you can access our plan immediately upon diagnosis. There isn’t a waiting period. So if you sign up for it today and then find out you have cancer one month from today, a week from today, or even tomorrow, you can rest assured knowing you are covered.

Advanced Cancer Plan from Christian Care 360

It’s never too early to start thinking about the what-ifs. Our advanced cancer and dread disease plan help you prepare for unforeseeable issues and diseases. Contact us today to learn more.