The Benefits of Having Vision Coverage in Your Medical Insurance

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The Benefits of Having Vision Coverage in Your Medical Insurance

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Our eyes often go unthought of when we schedule our yearly checkups, physicals, and dental cleanings, but getting an eye exam regularly (typically every two years) can help ensure your vision is good and that you don’t have any issues you may need to worry about. Many people opt not to go to an eye doctor regularly because their medical insurance doesn’t cover it. Christian Care 360 offers vision insurance so you can make sure your eyes stay in tiptop health!

Benefit #1: Knowing When You Need Glasses

Just because our vision was perfect all throughout high school doesn’t mean it’ll stay perfect forever. Going to routine eye doctor appointments is a good way to find out if you need glasses. An eye doctor will be able to tell you where your vision is at and whether or not you have complications such as astigmatism.

Benefit #2: Updating Your Prescription When Necessary

As we age, our vision worsens, which means many of us have to update our prescriptions many times throughout our lifetimes. Going to routine appointments or when you feel like something may be wrong is a great way to determine when it’s time to update our prescription lenses.

Benefit #3: Discovering Issues With Your Eyes

Age isn’t the only factor that can cause our vision to worsen over time. Other issues, such as glaucoma, cataracts, and dry eye syndrome can also all affect our eyes and our vision. Going to see an eye doctor will help you diagnose and seek treatment for these issues.

Benefit #4: Uncovering Other Health Issues

Other conditions can also affect our eyesight. Issues like diabetes, tumors, and poor nutrition can all cause your vision to become poor over a period of time. Some issues, such as brain tumors and diabetes, may not be as obvious to you as they are to a medical professional. An eye doctor will be able to diagnose these issues and set you in the right direction to seek treatment.

Benefit #5: Peace of Mind

Thinking about our health and what the future might hold in store for us can be incredibly stressful. Seeing doctors regularly, going to routine appointments, and receiving the treatment and care we deserve can all help us have healthier, brighter futures.

Medical Insurance from Christian Care 360

Thinking about getting medical care and actually receiving it can depend on one important factor: medical insurance. Our medical insurance plans at Christian Care 360 cover health, dental, vision, and more. Call us today to learn more about our insurance plans!