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  • The rates I’m paying now are very comparable to, and even lower tthan what I was paying before.The service is great. And I like that it’s faith based.

  • Saved me money and carried me through until I got my current position about 6 months ago.

  • I am very happy with my rates now!

  • I’m not paying for things I don’t need or don’t believe in. And I’m saving lots of money!

  • I would ABSOLUTELY recommend anyone look into this plan. I am receiving great service at low rates.

  • I have not had to use the service, staying healthy :) But I am happy with the rates.

  • Compared to the other policy I had, I have saved a lot of money this year.

  • Amazing amount of savings I have received over the last year on my health insurance! Also, the quality of services they offer and the faith-based aspect are very important to me.

  • My wife is a couple of years away from Medicare. So in June of this year we were glad some friends recommended Christian Care to us. The savings are tremendous over traditional policies.

  • This is the best option in my opinion and from my research for anyone having a challenge finding good health insurance at affordable prices.

  • We have been very pleased with the service

  • A friend referred us to Christian Care and we are glad to be saving on our rates now!