Take Control of Your Health Care and Medical Insurance

Healthshare is the first part of Christian Care 360’s program. We strongly believe in protecting our families and taking care of one another, and this is the first step in our approach.

It’s Wise to Opt out of Obamacare

Medical cost-sharing is an eligible option under the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare. As an MCS member, you have no requirement to go to the health insurance marketplace or insurance exchanges. Simply file Form 8965 with your taxes and only fill out Part 3 of the form.

For further questions, please contact your tax professional.

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Wellness Exams for the Whole Family

Each family member receives an annual wellness exam not subject to the Deductible for which there are no medical symptoms or diagnosis in advance, including, but not limited to, routine check-ups, labs, x-rays, and blood tests. Screening colonoscopies, pap smears, PSA tests and mammograms are eligible for sharing once every two years up to and including age forty nine (49). Screening colonoscopies, pap smears, PSA tests and mammograms are eligible for sharing for members fifty (50) years of age and older every year.

Well baby visits, including immunizations, are eligible for sharing within the first year of birth.

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Benefits of Our Health
share Ministry

  • With our HealthShare Ministry You Don’t have to file your own claims!
  • Our premiums are stable: In most cases, the monthly share amount stays stable year after year.
  • Affordable Annual Uninsured Amount (Deductible): For as low as only $500 per calendar year (up to 3 per family), our AUA won’t break the bank.
  • We Share All Eligible Expenses: It is our goal to make individuals and families whole again.
  • We Share In Prescriptions Per Event: All prescriptions 45 days before and after each related medical event are covered.
  • Christian Based: Join a community of health-conscious Americans who practice longstanding Christian principles in administering healthcare.
  • Does Not Support a Culture of Abortion: No One Should Be Forced to Pay for Another Person's Abortion.
  • Attracts Healthy Americans
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It’s Affordable - Our Cost Control Steps

Healthshare Expands Your Treatment Options

Our plan gives individuals and families the freedom to look at various options that would be available to them or a loved one and to make a more informed decision. The final decision is between you and your doctor.

Open Network Benefits

Visit any doctor or hospital of your choice. Providers DO NOT need to be part of a network to be reimbursed.

We Share In Approved Alternative Treatments

Treatment provided by a Naturopathic Physician or Doctor of Naturopathy (ND or NMD), a traditional Naturopath, or other practitioner of alternative treatments is eligible for sharing if such treatment meets the following criteria:

  • It treats a medically diagnosed condition.
  • It is less invasive than conventional medical treatment for the diagnosed condition.
  • It is less costly than conventional medical treatment and is expected to prevent more costly future conventional treatment.
  • It is presented for prior approval and the member agrees to any alteration of the treatment plan made.

No Limited Formulary

Prescriptions are NOT limited to a specified formulary. This allows for Transparent Healthcare - you oversee your care. This helps us eliminate costs and procedures. After all — it's your money! You review the treatment you receive, and you approve the costs. Plus, we have a team of professionals that will advocate for you throughout your medical incident to manage your care efficiently.