Financial Advising


We Specialize in Optimizing Your Safe Money.

Most people that use a financial Advisor have about 40% of their money sitting in bonds or bond funds to diversify their account. However, it is the other 60% that gets all the attention from the Financial Advisor, the Safe Money account is the forgotten money sitting off to the side earning measly returns of 1% - 2%. We specialize in maximizing your Safe Money. We have averaged better then 7% returns for our clients “Safe Money” using accounts guaranteed against loses.

We’ll show you how to upgrade the safety of your entire portfolio by switching out of bonds into guaranteed managed accounts.

What Can A Safe Money Specialist Do For Me?

Bonds are the general “No-Thought” move for the average financial advisor handling your money. However, we specialize in pumping up the “Safe Money” portion of your portfolio.

We’ll show you how we can increase the safety of your portfolio 70% by just upgrading your “Safe Money” portion, and dramatically increase the overall performance of your portfolio by making your “Safe Money” work more effectively.

Financial Advising Based on Biblical Principles

A Christian Care 360, we offer unique services based firmly upon Biblical foundations and the idea that we are here to protect families. Our unique Two Step program for optimizing your “Safe Money” has been used by our clients to maximize the safety and returns of their portfolio. We believe in getting that “Lazy” money working for you again.

In addition to health and family insurance plans, Christian Care 360 provides sound professional financial advising.