Cash Reserves

The Problem:

60% of the bankruptcies in the U.S. are directly tied to the medical expenses and the loss of income that follow a critical illness such as heart attack, stroke, and cancer. 80% of those bankrupted patients were covered with health insurance. As the rates of critical illnesses and the costs for treatment continue to rise, more financial protection is needed for today’s American families to safeguard against financial disaster.

The Solution:

ChristianCare360’s Cash Reserves allow the policyholder to accelerate much-needed money from their life insurance policy’s death benefit in the case of a critical Illness (i.e. Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke. Additionally, the plan can be used for Chronic Illness (i.e. Long-Term Care). This feature allows them to bridge the gap that health insurance does not cover, and protects them from the epidemic of medical bankruptcy that has become so commonplace in America today.

Cash Reserves:

To eradicate the epidemic of medical bankruptcy by infusing cash into a medical situation. Many clients have a false sense of security regarding what their health insurance will cover in the case of an illness our Cash Reserves exist to help them bridge that gap!

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Cash Reserves

How Does the Cash Reserve Work?

Critical Illness Rider: If a covered insured suffers a qualifying medical condition, the policy will pay out in cash to the insured, up to the face amount of the policy, as a lump sum.

List of conditions that may accelerate the policies:

Disclaimer: All rider conditions may not be available to all insureds and are subject to approval of each individual. See your individual policy for your actual rider specs.

Money can be used to pay expenses not normally associated with insurance. This includes living expenses, mortgage payments, alternative treatments, etc. Allows people to concentrate on healing without the financial pressure associated with major illnesses and injuries.

Money can be accessed to pay for long term care (in home or in a facility).

Chronic Illness Rider: Money can be accessed to pay for long term care (in home or in a facility).

If an insured is unable to perform 2 of 5 activities of daily living (ADLs). The ADLs include: bathing, continence, dressing, eating, and toileting.

In addition, the policy will pay in the event of death.

Policy can be written for a term or as a permanent policy.

Protect Your Finances and Provide Yourself Financial Comfort

CC360 realizes that we all need to be ready for whatever life has in store for us. We need the flexibility to deal with every crisis, especially when we or our loved ones face a serious illness or injury. Our Cash reserves is one of most important walls of assurance, and creates a secure financial future for you and your family.