Cash Reserves Over Obsolete Life Insurance: What Are the Benefits?

Why Do You Need an Advanced Cancer Plan?
October 24, 2018

Cash Reserves Over Obsolete Life Insurance: What Are the Benefits?

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In preparing financially for your future, there are many things you must consider, including wills, trusts, and yes, life insurance. A life insurance plan allows your family members to collect money should you or your spouse pass away suddenly. This money can be used to cover funeral and medical expenses as well as other costs that you or your spouse normally cover, such as a mortgage. But what would happen should you or your spouse be diagnosed with cancer or a major injury? You can’t access your current life insurance in this scenario, so what are you to do?

This is the primary reason that so many obsolete life insurance policies expire unused. A diagnosis that does not lead to death will eventually cause an obsolete life policy to expire unused and with a diagnosis in place it makes getting another policy virtually impossible. This is why our clients love our Cash Reserves life benefit.

What is Our Cash Reserves?

Our Cash Reserves is a unique form of life insurance. The uniqueness of this policy lies in its ability to allow the insured to use the policy while the insured is still alive! I know what you are thinking – life insurance that you can use while you are alive? Yes. It’s called living benefit life insurance. This is how it works: Upon diagnosis of a serious illness like cancer, heart attack, stroke or any number of about 16 different categories or a major injury, your policy will allow you to access up to 100% of the face amount of your policy now. Today! It is the face amount of the policy that the insured can access, not any form of saving inside of the policy.

Therefore, it works wonderfully well even on a simple inexpensive term policy! It is obvious why this would be so important. Having the best health insurance in the world will not pay your bills if you are diagnosed with cancer. Health insurance is designed to pay your doctors or providers. Our program pays you, so you can pay your mortgage, time away from work, keep your lights on, food in the refrigerator etc.

How would you tackle a cancer diagnosis if you had 1 million dollars to spend over and above your health insurance? Now you have options. No treatment option would be out of reach. Taking time off from work would no longer be a problem. Would you seek treatment options out of the country? See a specialist in another state that won’t take your health insurance? Whatever decision you would make, it would be a decision based on your options and your personal choices, not a narrow treatment option that your health insurance company decides for you.

Long-Term Care!

In addition to the obvious necessity of having cash in a serious diagnosis, our Cash Reserves will also allow you access of the face amount of your policy in the event a long-term care situation. In a time, where good long-term care policies are so difficult to find and so crazy expensive, we have solved the problem. Use your Cash Reserves life benefit. It is, in our opinion, the best long-term care option in the industry.

Why Not Use Our Cash Reserves Life Benefit to Fix Your Health Insurance and Your Long-Term Care?

At Christian Care 360, we offer our Cash Reserves Life Benefit the unique life insurance policy, so you can tackle whatever life throws you. We at Christian Care 360 are experts in life insurance. We can show you how to get more out of your policies than you knew existed as well help you maximize this often overlooked, but critical component of your family’s overall health strategy.

Additionally, please see our video “The Smartphone of Life Insurance” or our featured article in Forbes Magazine! Or simply gives us call today!