Advanced Cancer & Dread Disease

The 2nd step is our Advanced Cancer and Dread Disease program. It is the only full cancer treatment plan available in the United States. Furthermore, our cancer plan is provided by the leader in cancer policies in the United States. Our unique and affordable benefit adds treatment options you won’t find in traditional health insurance.

The Cost of Cancer

3 Step System




Advanced Cancer


Cash Reserves

What Does Our Cancer Plan Entail?

  1. Our Plan gives patients access to the nation’s best hospitals and clinics nationwide. Because of the specified benefits outlined in this policy providers can quickly
  2. Expands Treatment Options – Our Cancer Plan covers options immunotherapy, tele-radiotherapy, radioactive isotopes therapy, and chemotherapy enhancer drugs, to name a few, many of which traditional health plans won’t even cover.
  3. Gives patients access to experimental treatment options.
  4. Covers specialty cancer prescriptions – Covers drugs for the treatment of cancer or dread disease as the same.
  5. Helps cover expenses not associated with insurance – like travel, and living expenses away from home for you and a companion Etc.. This policy provides an important safety net in fighting the financial consequences of cancer that go beyond traditional health insurance.
  6. Premiums are guaranteed for life.

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