Christian Care 360’s "3 Easy Steps" structure essentially consists of three main modules that provides protection from all sides.

Whether it's healthcare choice, affordability, max coverage, financial security or medical accessibility, our modular system allows you to choose the best possible health care solution for yourself, your family or your business.

At Christian Care 360, we are passionate about helping individuals, families, and small to medium sized businesses find the perfect health and wealth protection solution at affordable prices. From affordable health insurance programs to unprecedented financial protection for serious illnesses such as cancer, our 3-Step solution ensures your health and wealth will stay in tact.


Healthshare Ministry

The First Step in our Health Plan. The only Healthshare plan where you don’t have to file your own claims. Furthermore, our plan will pay any Doctor any Hospital in the U.S.
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Advanced Cancer & Dread Disease

Step 2 in our Wall of Protection. The only Full Treatment Plan available in the U.S. Adds an additional three million dollars critical benefits to the Healthshare Ministry Plan.
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Cash Reserves

Step 3 in our Wall of Protection. Infuses Cash into a medical situation, to cover time away from work, treatment options not covered by insurance, travel etc..
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Open Network

(Choice of doctors and facilities)

Expands Your Choices

(Includes alternative treatments!)

Financial Protection In The Event of a Medical Crisis

Our Vision

Our Vision is to protect & inform Christians about the importance of re-building a wall of protection around their families!

Just as Nehemiah rebuilt the wall that still stands today protecting the people of Jerusalem for centuries, bearing witness as a testimony for his commitment to protect his people, we are "rebuilding" a protective wall around Christian families here in the US. Our plans are uniquely designed to withstand the attack from the worst times we face, with the unexpected healthcare crisis and the accompanying financial hardships that will drain many families not prepared.

Christian Care 360's bricks and mortar are financial and insurance products that have been carefully hand selected to seamlessly fit together, just as the stones and mortar that Nehemiah used to build a wall more than 2000 years ago in Jerusalem.

Valuable Protection in Trying Times

Our unique combination of solutions have proven time and again to be extremely effective as testimonies from our valued clients have shown. Our recommendations provide the comfort and peace of mind that no longer is available through traditional health insurance solutions. Our clients also enjoy the hard dollar savings that come from plans that are biblically based.

Just as Nehemiah worked tirelessly to address the risks his people faced from a barrier wall that had become ruined, we work tirelessly and with the same sense of urgency to rebuild that wall of protection for our clients so that their families will be fully supported, no matter what health challenges family members may face. We feel blessed to be able to help Christian families in these very tumultuous times!

We finally feel we have a program that not only saves our clients money every year, but it helps them truly have the best financial protection an individual or a family can have. Your healthcare is important and we believe it is our fiduciary responsibility to assist our clients in finding medical insurance coverage that truly protects the whole family.